1. Simple, Clean

                Kids closet doors stack to optimize the opening and give easy access to everything inside. Milky glass, wenge frames.

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                Space Saving

                Space saving room divider, frosted glass, black frames, low profile track.

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                Stacking closet doors with silver frames and milky glass save space.

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                Reduce Energy Costs
                Gain Peace of Mind

                Stacking room divider is the decor focal point of this space. Open air systems allow sharing of lighting, heating and air conditioning reducing energy costs.

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                Easy glide closet doors with milky glass and white frame doubles as a dry erase board for fun.

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                We build to your project's specifications!

                SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST

                The 3S Smart Shut System

                The 3S Smart Shut System protects peace of mind and loved ones from slamming doors. The slam proof damper eases doors to a stop for a softer sound and safer home.

                Now you can relax in your favorite personal oasis.

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                Patented design


                Aluminum frames are made to last for years. We have a variety of frame finishes and sizes to choose from.

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                Choose from our popular designs or create your own.

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                Glass Types

                Choose from one of our different opacity glass options, all boasting 5-10 mm safety glass.

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                Customize your doors with our various designer handles, locks and latches.

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                Proprietary Features

                Our patented designs are made with safety and quality in mind in our own factory.

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                Visit our Photo Gallery for inspiration.


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